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Equity Performance Sciences, LLC
develops research tools for investment professionals.

EPS helps investment professionals protect their clients’ capital. We will help you reduce and avoid losses. Warren Buffett says “There’s nothing more important than avoiding losses.” We agree – and we’re doing something about it.

Using big data and predictive analytics, we measure and rate the financial risks and profit potential of all US and Canadian stocks, as well as the S&P 500 Index and each of the 11 market sectors.

EPS has created a “Company Risk Indicator” (CRI).
We rate the financial risks of every publicly-traded US and Canadian company.

The EPS Risk Indicator is not just an indicator of risk. It also is highly effective at identifying low-risk securities with extraordinary potential for capital appreciation. The table below illustrates the effectiveness of the Company Risk Indicator at its best. The EPS Risk Indicator has positively identified many of the very best-performing stocks over the past three decades.

Name / Symbol CRI Score 1 Year Gain 3 Year Gain 5 Year Gain From 3/9/09 to 9/9/18
Apple (AAPL) 86 42% 98% 215% 1,768%
WellCare (WCG) 126 82% 270% 332% 4,876%

The table below shows the results of buying a diversified portfolio of 20 companies rated very low risk by the CRI:

Symbol Company Sector CRI 3/9/2009 Date of Highest Price High Price % Gain S&P Gain
CBT Cabot Corp Basic Materials 117 $8.04 1/26/2018 68.48 752% 325%
CMC Commercial Metals
Basic Materials 112 $9.94 3/7/2018 26.13 163% 303%
RBBN Ribbon Comms Comm. Services 108 $6.10 7/22/2014 21.05 245% 193%
TDS Tele. and Data Systems Comm. Services 86 $24.24 12/22/2010 37.72 56% 86%
DSW DSW Inc Cons. Cyclical 117 $3.34 11/25/2013 47.22 1,316% 166%
DECK Deckers Outdoor Corp Cons. Cyclical 115 $13.16 6/21/2018 121.94 826% 306%
ADM Archer-Daniels
Cons. Defensive 110 $25.83 12/3/2014 53.71 108% 207%
CALM Cal-Maine Foods Cons. Defensive 110 $8.63 10/19/2015 63.14 632% 201%
OIS Oil States Int’l Energy 124 $11.61 11/4/2013 109.52 843% 161%
ANDV Andeavor Energy 121 $12.45 9/25/2018 158.87 1176% 331%
WCG WellCare Health
Healthcare 126 $6.23 10/1/2018 321.88 5,067% 332%
MOH Molina Healthcare Healthcare 113 $11.57 9/21/2018 152.72 1,220% 333%
SEB Seaboard Corp Industrials 123 $837.00 10/12/2017 4654.08 456% 277%
MLI Mueller Industries Industrials 117 $8.08 3/1/2017 43.25 436% 254%
HST Host Hotels & Resorts Real Estate 100 $3.58 12/22/2014 24.33 580% 207%
PSA Public Storage Real Estate 98 $50.30 4/4/2016 276.27 449% 205%
WDC Western Digital Corp Technology 124 $15.06 12/22/2014 114.28 659% 207%
PLT Plantronics Inc Technology 119 $8.00 7/6/2018 82.21 928% 308%
SR Spire Inc Utilities 94 $36.22 11/30/2017 82.25 127% 291%
LNT Alliant Energy Corp Utilities 93 $10.23 11/14/2017 45.18 342% 281%

Average gain on CRI stocks: 819%
Average gain on S&P 500: 249%

What system do you use to identify stocks and build portfolios which match your risk tolerance and meet your performance objectives?
Do your stocks hold up well against declines in the market?
Do your stocks outperform the market?

The CRI will allow you to find low-risks stocks with excellent profit potential.

Send us the names of three (3) stocks; we’ll send you CRI reports on each of them, free of charge.

We are a development stage company. We need your help to improve our services:

We invite select investment professionals to use our research tools at no cost.
In return, we ask for your observations, constructive criticisms
and your analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

Our tools will help you:
1) Identify dangerously priced stocks which are “considered” safe,

2) Identify less risky alternatives with equal or greater potential,
3) Identify the least and most risky S&P Industry sectors, and
4) Find “safe” companies with exceptional appreciation potential.

As a supplement to your current research,
the MRI rating system provides tremendous value to every investment professional!

To discuss using our research at no cost while we are still in development,
please contact us at (401) 234-1212.

The Comapny Risk Indicator is used to measure the risk and opportunity of individual securities.
In addition to the CRI, we have the Sector Risk Indicator (SRI).

We demonstrate the SRI’s efficacy with the following three charts. The first two show that the “buy and hold” strategy, in some periods, would have led to lengthy periods of holding without any gain. The third chart shows that a “buy and hold” strategy, in some periods, can be significantly improved by allocating capital out of the broad market into the safest of the 11 sectors.

The chart below is our proprietary Market Risk Indicator (MRI). The MRI is a quantitative analysis of the risk level of the overall stock market. Our risk analysis is based on six proprietary financial risk metrics of the largest 500 US public companies. Our assessment of the market’s risk level is based on the aggregate financial condition of the 500 largest companies. The more stocks that have low risk ratings, the lower our estimate of the market’s risk. Conversely, when fewer stocks have low risk ratings, we estimate the market’s risk level to be high.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, please give us a call at (401) 234-1212.